Founder Coaching

Fitting in is not belonging. All big things start with a small idea. If you would like to create the path that truly represents you, we have the emotional support and practical knowledge you need. We support you to build a sustainable and profitable business in a human-centered way, with a healthy dose of structure to get things done in a limited amount of time. 

What can we help you with and what makes us stand out?

  • receive the coaching voucher for founders 
  • write your business plan 
  • calculate your business case 
  • understand what makes you a great founder 
  • ensure your commercial viability to apply for a founder’s allowance (ger. Gründungszuschuss)
  • get you started in terms of tax & legal

Business-oriented, yet human-centered

All our coaches hold a business degree with a minimum of 4 years of work experience within a business or assisting in founding a business. While creating your business plan, we help you to understand who you want to become as a founder and why. Additionally, we make sure that your desires and needs are being considered along the process.

Backed by experts

We collaborate with one of the leading market players in Business Coaching (Beratungsgesellschaft Willkomm mbH). All business plans are assessed and certified with an official certificate of commercial viability at the end of the process. 

100% success rate

100 % of our clients finishing their business plan were approved for their founder’s allowance (ger. Gründungszuschuss).

Ready for implementation

At the end of your journey with us, we provide you with our trusted tax advisor, who helps you clarify all tax-related questions and conduct your first steps in order to set up your legal entity.

Meet our business coaches

Anastasiya Dubrovina

“I help impact-driven leaders & founders to gain clarity about who they are and what they want to achieve, in order to translate that into a business plan and use it in the business world.”

Christian Busch 

In my coaching sessions I create a safe space for clients. We partner up to explore new career paths and fresh perspectives. Often – but not always – values, strengths and fulfillment play a central role.

Elise Magnin

Elise Magnin

Having studied corporate finance master, working as a country manager for a startup, Elise knows the business side well of becoming a freelancer, but don’t worry: she is fun swell singing in a choir that performs at The Fusion. 

Zsofia Szilli

Zsofia Szilli

“I support conscious minds to find their direction that is aligned with their true selves – and make it happen.”Zsofia worked a lot with coaches starting their business.

Tamara Tüchelmann

Established a family business 2.0 in the engineering industry with her brother and gained consulting experience as Transformation & Culture Change Management Consultant at BrightHouse, BCG

Alexandra Schneller

As a former consultant, having started her own startup, Alexandra knows the pain and gain of being a freelancer and managing a business. 

Audrey Lintz

Having more than 12 years of experience in marketing & communication, Audrey supports entrepreneurs build through expressing their emotions.

Lisa Jikeli

If you want to build your own business you can benefit from my many years of experience in brand building, (online) marketing, business consulting and project management.

Do you find it difficult to choose just one? Let us help you. There is no challenge that can’t be solved.

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