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Alan Piatek

“Life gives us about 4,160 weeks to spend. By age 25, 1,300 are already gone. Knowing that every week counts, I’m passionate about helping professionals in pursuing their true passions sooner than later.”

Coaching with me:

Living a fulfilled and joyful life is what we all aspire to achieve. In our complex and fast-paced world, I help my clients to reduce the complexity by gaining clarity on their personal needs and career aspirations, respectively. Because only by aligning both parts, we can enjoy a more balanced and meaningful life.

In my career as an Account Executive I wasn’t internally aligned with my values and my truth. Being in that state, I was feeling anxious and stressed, which almost led to a burnout. Through years of personal development, I was able to reconcile my personal and professional demands. As a certified Systemic Coach and NLP Practitioner, I now help other professionals achieve the same.


German, English, Polish


  • Berlin is my birthplace and hometown, parents emigrated from Poland
  • Studied Business Management, worked 5 years in software sales & 3 years for an NGO 
  • Lived in 5 countries, primarily in sunny regions
  • Certified Breathing Instructor and worked at a research-led mindfulness retreat

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