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Antonia Petersen

With both an open mind and psychological expertise I support and consult people on their path of achieving their professional goals by “becoming aware of their strengths, potential, and affinities, developing a professional profile based on individual competences, values, and life circumstances.

Coaching with me:

My coaching approach is focused on supporting clients in finding clarity of what they actually want and what actually works for them individually – by creating a perspective, a plan, and goals but also by letting go of limiting beliefs as well as by teaching strategies to close the gap between “planning” and “taking action”.

Most people have a rather narrowed idea on what their number of options is, certain skills or a specific expertise is often easily overlooked. Being a psychologist I work with different science based tools and approaches supporting my clients – not just on their path but also in finding both their potential paths and their potential destinations. The process starts by learning more about themselves and what their actual, realistic options are.

Being an artist, I bring in different perspectives and ways of creative thinking, to find jobs that might initially feel “out of the box” or seem not achievable, to see your very own path clearly (again).

Life is easy when everything works out as planned. When plans don’t work out as intended, when life puts obstacles in your path (academically or personally), it might be challenging for one to see their individual opportunities, options or solutions – my role as a Coach is to support you in finding them.

Examples of what we work on during a full coaching: creating a healthy self-awareness, improving one’s financial mindset, developing a level of self confidence to master job interviews, structuring job application processes or improving one’s work-life balance.


German, English


  • I graduated in psychology at the University of Vienna being a single mother before moving to Berlin with my baby all by myself and starting a new life.
  • Despite admiring psychology’s clarity and usefulness, I also love working in the art scene (I also studied ballet and contemporary dance) and performed in several art shows.
  • I built my career with and despite/because of having ADHD, focusing on how to make use of my full potential. On my path I found clarity by realizing: you are who you are, don’t try to be someone else or to fit in something that’s not meant for you. There are always possibilities, sometimes it takes work to find them.

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