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Antonia Petersen

“I support people who left something that does not serve them anymore and who aren’t in the new yet by getting a clear mind in their transition phase”

Coaching with me:

Coming from an artistic and a psychological background I know the different worlds of how a professional life can look like and both sides have an impact on my work style. I am a a very empathic person but I also have a strong pragmatic side. I treat every individual life story with my deepest respect and guide with a clear mind. Life can be challenging, full of obstacles, and never stops changing. (I realized it when I became a mother). When we grow out of something  the „transition phase“ often takes us out of our comfort zone which leads to insecurities, worries and the feeling of having a lack of control.
In my coaching I focus on „inner work“ and, important, I develop a concrete strategy so Ideas/ Visions / Plans will turn into reality. I am a solution-oriented person.


German, English


  • being featured in videos and taking part in exhibitions as a dancer
  • Becoming a mother
  • Being a single mother
  • Graduating from university as a psychologist
  • Moving on after crisis 

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