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I help creatives make ends meet while staying true to their artistic practice.
I help journalists change the industry that is breaking us.
By listening to a person’s past, I help chart a new career path that is in line with their values and doesn’t drive them into burn-out.

Coaching with me:

In my first life, I was a journalist – I desperately wanted to make the world a better place. Until I realized that the structures I was working in were damaging to my mental health. So I quit – and started my own small business at age 25. I was the first one from my family to do so. The first to make a living from writing and teaching and talking and have experienced the inappropriate comments, the anxiety and self-doubt that come with that firsthand.
Six years, 2,5 books, 9000 followers and a law degree later I want to show you my carefully curated strategies for balancing paid work and art without shame, sacrificing your mental health or financial security. My motto: You can do so much better than the Start-Up that hired you straight after university.


German, English, Slovak


  • founded my blog groschenphilosophin in 2014
  • worked at Spiegel Online for a year and quit journalism shortly after
  • moved to berlin without the prospect of a new job
  • hosted a range of workshops and university lectures about surviving the creative industry
  • studied law to prove my self worth
  • discovered the power of my menstrual cycle at 30
  • share a dog with my ex
  • published my first book at a big publishing house and absolutely hated the process

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