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Carla Albrecht

“By igniting the creative fire, I guide highly sensitive people (academics and creatives), to access their own body wisdom, to rebuild confidence and balance and to reach their own goals professionally – grounded and without stress.”

Coaching with me:

I support you in reconnecting with yourself, thus restoring your self-confidence and from now on bringing about (professional) changes that truly match you vs. what is expected of you. If you are longing to arrive at yourself, to use your sensitivity as your greatest resource and to live fully, I welcome you warmly into my coaching space.


German, English, Icelandic


  • I’m familiar with overwhelm, crisis and stress and how to transform them through awareness and daily routines (discovered I was highly sensitive and so much frustration made sense)
  • I helped build up the Fired Up Space in the last two years
  • I lived in Iceland for two years and it changed me deeply
  • I founded an intersectional feminist art movement called Glittorisgang

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