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Heidi Korpela

“I help people to get good jobs, simple as that. If you’re dreaming of starting or pivoting your career to tech, my pragmatic career and recruitment coaching will help you to get there.”

Coaching with me:

I’m here to help you figure out what is a “good job” for you.
Spoiler: it’s always unique. I truly believe crafting a fulfilling career starts from understanding your own unique combination of skills, experiences, values and aspirations. Sprinkle that with self-compassion, resilience and openness to change and we’re good to go!
My coaching is very systematic and pragmatic: we will build a tailored career roadmap together, taking also into account the current job market situation. I’m specialised in the international tech space in Berlin, expanding to various roles and seniority levels. I value transparency, equality and kindness.
As an ex-recruiter, I’m capable of prepping you for all the steps in a modern recruitment process.
As an ex-HR, I’m capable of digging into your skill set and helping you to explore your growth potential.
And as a coach, I can help you to gain confidence and trust in your own, beautifully multi-faceted expertise.


English, Finnish


  • M.Sc in Economics & Marketing + M.Sc in Communication and Journalism
  • 10+ years in HR, WFM and Recruitment in both corporate and start-up environments
  • Start-up enthusiast: fluent also in UX, Growth and Content + getting things done
  • Multipotentialite: I’m curious about literally everything
  • I’m a serial career changer myself and always on the lookout for my next project
  • I moved to Berlin in 2017 (and I’m still speaking awkward A2-level German)
  • Career Coaching Certificate training in 2022

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