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Kinga Pakai

“Transformation happens when the whole being of a person is addressed.”

Coaching with me:

To be open-hearted towards all people and situations is crucial for me. It is always about accepting and loving myself as I am, also in my processes and inner work. In my opinion, this is the key to a successful job search and also a happy life for sensitive people who often struggle with themselves or have difficulties finding their way within our working structures.
A healthy connection to your emotions through your nervous system and subconscious mind is the basis of my body-oriented method. For a transformative professional change, you have to engage both, body and soul and don’t only stay at the mind level within the process. At the same time, I use the cognitive level for deep and pragmatic mindset work to reach your goal.
Due to my empathic abilities, I feel with all my senses what is being said to unfold your inner wisdom. You set the pace and depth, and I hold the space for everything that could emerge.


Hungarian, German, English 


  • I grew up in Hungary and have lived in Germany since 2010. I studied abroad in Holland and before that, I spent a year in Cyprus. So I exactly know how it feels like to start somewhere new with the deep wish to integrate.
  • I gained almost 10 years of experience as a recruiter and HR and organizational developer in various companies. 
  • I have quit my job several times without any further plan. As a former HR manager, I encourage everyone to have bigger or smaller gaps in their CV. Breaks are so important in life. 

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