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Orkun Eti

“I help people unlock their full potential and achieve their career or business goals through transformative coaching. As an empowering coach, I’ll work with you to create a personalised roadmap to success. Let’s connect today and start your transformational journey towards achieving your dreams!”

Coaching with me:

After having a successful track record in leading people in business and mentoring on the side, I decided to focus more on coaching to reach out to more people who aim to thrive. 

My coaching style is democratic, holistic, and transformative.  I empower my clients to find their path with the help of my years of experience as a coaching leader. Whether you want to find the right career path or set up your business for success, I am here to guide and support you. 

My goal is to help you unlock your full potential and redefine your career or business path. With my coaching, you can expect to gain clarity on your goals, develop a roadmap to success, and acquire the necessary tools and strategies to achieve beyond your dreams.

If you’re ready to take your career or business to the next level, let’s connect today and start your transformational journey together.  I’m excited to support you on your journey towards success!


English, Turkish


  • Earned multiple bachelor’s and master’s degrees as well as certifications driven by my shadow overachiever, now balanced with inner peace.
  • Lived in 5 different countries and gained experience working for companies of all sizes.
  • Drove rapid growth in 6 organisations across 15+ markets while fostering high team morale and employee satisfaction.
  • Led teams of diverse backgrounds and nationalities, hiring over 50 individuals and empowering them to exceed expectations during 15+ years of executive-level business management experience.
  • Discovered my purpose through self-exploration and personal growth, currently in the happiest era of my career.
  • Completed a meditation and mind training course in a monastery in Nepal, and now passionate about promoting mindfulness.

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