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Pelén B. Nabbs

We rarely question established patterns or listen to the signs that our body and mind are already telling us. I support you in asking the right questions, looking at things from different perspectives and gaining clarity. For your now and what is to come.

Coaching with me:

I believe that everyone has the ability to make positive changes in their life. Sometimes it takes longer to admit it, sometimes it’s difficult to start anywhere at all. I create a space where my clients feel safe and can open up. Where they don’t have to function for others, but can simply be there for themselves. I support my clients in recognizing personal strengths, overcoming blockages and pursuing individual goals with self-confidence. The best thing about coaching: you can actively change your path every day. 


German, English


  • 15 years of experience in fashion and lifestyle PR
  • Co-author of three books that have trained my empathy even more
  • After having my second son, I was finally ready (and stopped ignoring the signs) and started my coaching career
  • I also offer couple coaching
  • As the youngest of four children, I grew up in a mixed-culture household 

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