Job Coach and Founder Coach 

Zsofia Szilli 

“I support you to find your direction that is aligned with your true self. By both strategy & structure for the process and sensitivity & intuitive questions I guide you to create space for your true desires and visions – and make them happen.”

Coaching with me:

I hold a safe and high-energy space dedicated to your personal and professional development. You focus on you, the essence of who you are and your journey, instead of the past, old identities and conditioned self. The coaching process contains exploration, focus, experience and implementation:

  • You (re)discover your natural gifts and talents, passions and all the potentials that make you unique
  • You find the clarity and self-confidence, which gives you a foundation for your professional future
  • You develop a strategy and structure, create new application documents that work, so that you find and get the job that really excites you, you are naturally good at and where you feel valued


Hungarian, English, German


  • Moved from Budapest to Berlin in my early twenties and found my new home here
  • Worked 10+ years as a consultant and project manager in a dynamic agency and media environment
  • Left the role that made me unhappy and changed my career, to then find myself in a new professional-life-crisis, then started my own business as a coach, so I know how the transition phase you are in feels like – and also what it takes to make change work
  • As a certified coach supported 50+ people navigating on their journeys in 1000+ coaching hours 

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