Job Coach and Founder Coach

Ana-Alexandra Moga

“Using a blend of analytical thinking and playful creativity, my goal is to empower individuals to shape and navigate their own meaningful roadmaps with joy and confidence”

Coaching with me:

I believe that everyone deserves to find fulfillment and purpose in their life and work.

My own unemployment experience,  albeit voluntary,  as I transitioned from engineering leadership to coaching, inspired me to join Fired Up Space and contribute in a meaningful way.

I find inspiration in moments of transition and change. I use these moments as fuel while creating a safe space for individuals who are navigating the uncharted territories of their journey. By being present with them, I enable them to harness their unique strengths and tap into their own reservoir of resourcefulness.

I foster an exploration that harmoniously engages both right and left brain hemispheres, by bringing creativity as well as clarity, playfulness as well as structure, curiosity as well as focus.


English, Romanian


  • seasoned engineering and product leader and enthusiastic nerd at heart, with 17+ years background in both start-ups and big tech, having spent the most recent 12 in leading individuals, teams and departments with purpose and grace
  • explored the Americas & South-East Asia during an 18-month sabbatical with my husband and documented our journey on instagram @rhymeswithcoffee
  • moved to Berlin from London in 2019 and originally from Sibiu, Romania
  • loved being a student again during my coaching education at New York University where I discovered my interest for the intersection of coaching and technology
  • I get energy from photography, cycling, improv theatre, interior design and the fascinating world of the written word

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