Job Coach and Founder Coach

Astrid Dolak

I support people in finding clarity and setting reachable goals, revealing their individual power and defining new realistic scenarios for their development.

Coaching with me:

Picture this: an inspiring atmosphere where possibilities flourish, perspectives shift through dynamic coaching methods, and your unique strengths and roles crystallize. I am your catalyst for change, offering guidance and sparking ideas for innovative approaches.

I am driven by my passion for empowering people. My focus is on helping to develop strategic visions with a blend of practicality and creativity and I bring empathy and forward-thinking to the coaching arena. Let’s chart your course for development and achievement.


German, English


  • I decided to become a Coach, while walking 500 kilometers of the Camino de Santiago in 2018.
  • My background is in European Law, International Management and Strategic Communication. 
  • I spent many years in the Energy sector working with teams, guiding working groups and engaging with a huge variety of stakeholders.
  • I considered myself not being creative for a long time, just because I couldn’t draw very well until I realized, there are many other ways to express creativity.
  • With around 20 years of expertise at the crossroads of society, economy, and politics, I keenly understand the pulse of individual needs within the broader landscape of external demands.

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