Founder Coach

Irina Alexandra

I help aspiring founders create a strong foundation for their ventures by translating personal purpose and values into an aligned and sustainable business strategy.

Coaching with me:

Whether you are going self-employed or building a company, starting a business comes with a range of challenges that no one can fully prepare you for. The old identity is gone but a new one doesn’t exist yet. The future seems exciting but equally uncertain, and the road there overwhelmingly unclear.

I love working with founders because all of them are dreamers. They have found the courage to make the first step and I enjoy being there to support them by clarifying their vision, connecting with the WHY behind their business and translating that into a strategy that feels ambitious, yet aligned and sustainable. I believe the best results are achieved when we learn to balance the polarities – reflective exploration with practical action, compassion with challenge, slowing down but leaping forward. 


English, Russian


  • ICF ACC coach, MSc in Psychology
  • Co-founded Sensera – leadership development for scaling startups
  • Background in e-commerce (leadership, product and operations)
  • Quit my very comfortable and exponentially developing career in 2021 without a clear plan on what’s next
  • Left my hometown when I was 19 and was living in different places across Germany and Italy with little stints of nomadic experiences

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