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Tamás Hovanyecz

“I help entrepreneurs and leaders in developing their businesses and organizations by transforming mental and external challenges into personal and strategic advantages, ultimately fostering a positive impact on our world.

Coaching with me:

With over 12 years of professional experience in delivering cutting-edge projects within the corporate, international non-profit, and startup sectors, I have redirected my focus to coaching founders, leaders, and teams to unlock their full potential in establishing businesses and organizations. In this era of complexity and disruption, I believe that we need to tap into the harmonious intelligence of mind, body and heart when innovating new products and experimenting with more collaborative ways of working.

As a coach, I rely on systemic & trauma-informed coaching, compassionate inquiry, mindfulness and breathing techniques, positive psychology, design thinking and agility. Combining these methods while thriving for absolute presence during our sessions together, I will help you to develop your unique offering, turn them into viable business ideas and remove internal barriers & limiting beliefs that might hinder you as an entrepreneur. I will work with you on establishing habits that can help you take care of your mental health and prevent burnout during the often messy and busy founder’s journey.


English, Hungarian


  • I exercise mental and physical awareness by balancing and walking on highlines, used to be known as tightropes, up in the mountains where birds fly by.
  • My educational background spans business, intercultural communication, law, and political sciences. I once thought I needed all of these to prove my worth.
  • I am one of the co-creators of WhoCards, a card game designed to empower people to transform their social interactions by becoming more open, vulnerable, and authentic.
  • I’ve led a nomadic lifestyle for a decade, residing in eight different countries for extended periods. I’m currently sharing my time between Portugal, Berlin and the mountains here & there.

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