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“I help entrepreneurs, female leaders, and international business professionals in their mid-career choices and create a unique portfolio career”

Coaching with me:

I’m Zsanett (Janet). I coach entrepreneurs, female leaders, and international business professionals to reinvent themselves, be an authentic leader, start and grow their businesses, and get a rewarding job. I love empowering women to embrace the power of their cycle at work & in other areas of life.

I can support you in transitions, becoming a freelancer, creating the foundations of your business, breaking down complex business topics, switching from large companies to startups (or vice versa), re-entering the job market after a break or after being a business owner, creating a story from your multifaceted experience across countries and jobs, building a portfolio career, strengthening your self-belief, understanding your mind-body characteristics in Ayurveda to thrive in your career, taking care of your mental health and embrace your wholeness.

My approach is strategic and holistic. I’m your coach, if you are both willing to honor your wisdom, and take defined actions. I work with a wide range of tools, and the sessions are equally filled with talking, strategizing, inner work, somatics, meditation, yoga and fun. 


English, Hungarian


  • Since 2017 I’ve been building a portfolio career to do all the things I feel passionate about: coaching and consulting on personal and business transformations, facilitating mindful eating experiences, guiding cooking classes, and teaching yoga & meditation.

  • 2018-2022 Business Operations Lead at tech-start-ups in Berlin & in the US 

  • 2011-2017 EMEA Transformation Lead & Management Consultant 

  • I lived in Berlin, Detroit metro, Budapest, Lisbon, and now I’m based in Munich

  • My motto from the This Is Us series is: “Make the big moves, even if they’re small moves. Forge ahead with your lives in any and every direction that moves you.”

  • I’ve been a practitioner of spirituality, non-duality, yoga, and meditation for 14 years, studying in Indian Ashrams, and Buddhist monasteries 

  • I enjoy gardening, going to Art Kinos and making flower arrangements

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