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Diana Stoica

Empowering individuals to Reflect, React, and Reimagine their work and life. I serve as a thinking partner in a space where we co-create career routes and foster leadership development by guiding self-discovery, overcoming obstacles, and achieving aspirations through personalized coaching.

Coaching with me:

My coaching approach is grounded in curiosity, honesty, trust, and humor. Central to this approach is reflection—a deliberate, sometimes uncomfortable process that sets the foundation for change and growth.
Together, we create a safe space for self-discovery, openly exploring your needs, challenges, and obstacles. This collaborative process empowers you to take ownership of your journey and make choices aligned with your values.

Whether clarifying career goals or navigating life’s transitions, we develop a plan that highlights your strengths and guides you toward fulfillment.


English, Romanian


  • 15 years of international Human Resources experience spanning various industries from creative to tech during which I orchestrated complex culture and people change projects
  • I am a trained Co-Active Co-Active® Coach – using tools to empower individuals to drive lasting change across all areas of life.
  • In 2018, I relocated from B2B (Bucharest to Berlin :), encountering firsthand the challenges foreigners face in Germany and adapting to the evolving tech landscape.
  • Volunteered as career and job coach for NGO supporting migrants and marginalized locals
  • BA in Journalism and MA in Communication and Organisational Behavior

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