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Maegan Gorbett (Alma Omega)

“I help creatives and highly-sensitives empower themselves by offering holistic-tools with which to center, ground and authentically-expand: both personally and professionally.”

Coaching with me:

For the past 20 years I have been working in the realms of personal-transformation and holistic-healing, alongside a career in the worlds of creativity and music. Mindfulness, embodiment and transformation are at the foundation of my work. Discovering the hidden-gifts in the challenges being faced–and chosing courage and expansion over playing small—is the path I passionately support.


English, Dutch


  • I’ve immigrated to 3 different countries and have 2 passports
  • I’ve been Djing music (professionally) for over 2 decades
  • I’ve embraced my highly-sensitive-self as a super-power over weakness
  • I’ve learned 3 languages and currently learning my 4th
  • I’ve made huge mistakes that have turned out to be the richest lessons I’ve ever made

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